Finance Sector

Finance Sector

The firm is an established name in corporate financing, project financing, external commercial borrowings, and structured debt financing. The firm provides assistance to a large number of developers and various public and private sector banks and financial institutions on the financing of infrastructure projects, oil & gas, roads & highways, ports, schools, mining, etc. preparation and finalization of financing and security documents and providing a risk analysis of the project documents.

Finance Advising

Finance Sector financial institutions on the financing of infrastructure projects financial services clients

The firm also provides assistance in assessing stamp duty and registration implications and the sufficiency and enforceability of financing and project documents. Since the level of legal services provided to clients in this industry is as wide as it is deep, the Firm is regarded for its excellence, consistency and commercial pragmatism, and is rapidly earning the reputation for working on innovative and challenging transactions.

In addition to working with many financial services clients, the Firm is also steadily building a reputation for itself as one of the leading national bankruptcy and restructuring firms in India. Lawyers at the Firm are intimately familiar with loan and security documentation, credit policies, market trends, and the politics of syndicated situations and have represented clients on structured products, syndicated lending, project finance, ECBs (external commercial borrowings) and plain vanilla bilateral lending deals.

At Altruist Jurist Advocates, lawyers specialize in crafting creative securitization and other financing structures. The Firm has unparalleled experience in bank securities offerings and its banking and finance practice cover a wide range of financing transactions.

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